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Predictive modeling made easy : Yes it is now possible

Sierrabolics Technology can be used standalone or embedded into data analytics workbenches from large software companies (IBM, Oracle, Teradata, etc) and pure players (Dataiku, Knime, etc) as an additional data modeling option complementing the traditional data modeling open source toolkit (Python/R/Scala and ML/statistical libraries).

Sierrabolics technology is the latest innovation resulting from over a decade of expertise and market study in analytical software development, machine learning and data analytics. Sierrabolics platform is based on novel and unique proprietary algorithms that are fundamentally unlike other published modern techniques. Our products and technologies have been validated many times in real world use and devices .

Small footprint, performance, and ease of use, enable everyone everywhere to take competitive advantage with what is becoming the most precious and valuable, but also the most perishable, asset of your company: Your Data.