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Product Features

  • Modeling Engine based on novel proprietary methods (combination of process and algorithms) never developed before.
  • Completely unique Next Generation Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and   Cognitive Programming Engine – finds solutions other algorithms cannot find, with ground breaking performance even on commodity hardware.
  • Novel Model Quality Prediction Engine Databolics is able to predict the quality of a candidate model more accurately than other existing algorithms. This enables the generation of models to work as expected when deployed in the real world.
  • Automatic Variable Selection Databolics automatically finds the most important and significant variables needed to solve a problem, regardless of whether it is given 20 variables or 100,000.
  • Universal Databolics does not require the input of any domain expertise. Using Databolics, anyone can model data and solve problems of any kind, regardless of domain expertise.
  • Fully Automated and Unbiased Analysis No need to turn knobs in order to operate Databolics. Databolics is the analysis expert you don’t have to be – or if you are, it does for you the repetitive and cumbersome work you spend most of your time on, so you can concentrate on your real objectives.
  • Easy, intuitive, simplified workflow Analysis should be as easy as asking a computer to predict something based on something else. Databolics represents the closest solution to fulfilling that ideal.
  • Applications Generic engine and platform, easily customizable to specific domains and enabling fast and secure vertical application development for several industry verticals such as (but not limited to) finance, genetics, pharmaceutical, biotech, marketing, and Internet of Things.