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The “Last Mile” of Data Analytics

Databolics the best modeling platform available

The most efficient predictive modeling technology

The Last Mile is Key for successful Data Analytics projects

Reducing a hyper-dimensional dataset into a comprehensive and simple collection of highly significant variables and producing actionable real world models.


Databolics provides the fastest and cheapest end to end tool to obtain the best models from your datasets.

Databolics enables access to previously inaccessible knowledge embedded in data, while reducing the time, cost, and expertise required to gain benefits from such knowledge.

  • From personal to cloud computing
  • Enables precise targeting and decision making
  • Dynamic problem modelling vs. data modelling
  • For analysts and non-analysts
  • 6 patents pending
  • Intuitive workflow

  • Small footprint (Engine and model)
  • Application development toolkit and runtime
  • Vertical applications development in days
  • Project based intuitive workflow
  • Contextual help
  • Automatic Data Reduction

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No learning curve. Created for analysts and non analysts. Download data set, select, click, get actionable results in minutes.
Small footprint: runs on any computing environment. Mobile, laptops, cloud computing… Tiny model footprint: Enables IOT integration.
No need to send your data elsewhere. Keep your confidential data in-house.
Vertical applications
Generic platform. Development toolkit & runtime. Vertical application developed in days versus weeks or months

Find the hidden connections in data that would take a human analyst exponentially longer to find.

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Diagnostic models
  • Drug response models
  • Genetic effect modeling
  • Risk assessment models
  • Sensor/Instrument data classification
  • Quality control assessments
  • Physical process modeling
  • Risk assessment
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Decision models
  • Forecasting and prediction
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Management
  • Customer classification
  • Market analysis
  • Decision assessment
  • Opportunity classification
  • Customer churn modeling